Be a Champion

If you find yourself tapped on the shoulder with the invitation to be one of Impact’s champions, here are a few moves that we’d recommend:

Be a mentor to a college student. Students long to see the way of Christ embodied in the life of another and studies show it to be one of the most effective ways we can minister to them. Help them see it in a real, concrete way!

Advocate for campus ministry. Millennials are shaping culture in bigs ways and lots of churches and other institutions are trying to figure out how to retain their involvement. Let the world of campus ministry help navigate that conversation.

Sponsor a campus ministry. There is likely a university that is near to your heart and finances continue to power the work of campus ministry wherever you find it.

Volunteer in direct ministry. Is there an ICM team near you? We are always looking for people who are willing to make a difference in the lives of college students!

Volunteer in indirect ministry. There are a lot of tasks that are required for the work of campus ministry that you could assist with. Everything from simple to complex, administrative to specialized, legal expertise to counseling — your service could help the work of campus ministry everywhere.

Host a workshop at your church. Have questions about campus ministry? Confused about millennials? Want to know how to help the colleges and universities in your area? Let us help by getting the conversations started and pointed in some helpful directions.

Host a prayer walk. Many of our new campus locations and ministry staff come from time spent praying on campuses. Prayer has a way of igniting enthusiasm, identifying resources, and making connections.