Network Updates: “Impact the World”

BEMA Trip 2016

God blessed this trip from beginning to end, and He continues to bless us with the lessons we learned, the better understanding of scripture and having walked where Jesus walked, and the experiences and lessons we are able to share … More

Answering the Call to Campus Ministry

This has truly been an exciting few months with all the people that have answered God’s call to partner with us in ministry to college students. We would like to introduce you to the families and individuals who are either … More

Returning from the Holy Land: Instant Thoughts

It has been bittersweet to return. I find myself longing for the depth of community I experienced in the desert. Not only did I experience community with the individuals I was with, but WE together experienced communion with a different reality. This reality is one that does not revolve around me. This reality does not […] More

Slittin’ Throats and Rippin’ Skin

Seth came into the guest house to tell me they were slaughtering a goat by the clothesline. I went downstairs and down the small dirt path to a clearing where I saw about 10 Maasai men slaughtering 3 goats. Some were cutting fur or ripping skin, others were extracting internal organs or cleaning them out. […] More

“We’ve got to get some water.”

After setting up our three tents on the dusty, hardened ground next to the teacher’s housing at Olosuria, Kevin told us, “We’ve got to get some water.” We had brought drinking water, but we needed to fetch some more for cleaning. As we looked out across the horizon, we saw distant mountains and a sea […] More

Kenya 2013 – Food

Back in March I had the privilege to have meet with several missionaries who worked or are working in Kenya. They had warned me that the food was rather bland and not anything amazing. While this was true, I didn’t expect to be eating so many other typ… More

Kenya 2013 – Some more pictures

I thought I would share just a few more pictures from the trip just for fun.Morning lessons and prep for the dayWe spent a lot of time in vehicles.A taxi in NairobiOur vehicle in TurkanaAnother Nairobi Taxi that became our Safari vehicleOur plane to Tu… More

Kenya 2013 – Day 13

At the end of day 12, we spent our last evening Kenya exchanging pictures and spending as much time together as we could. I’m not sure anyone on our team was ready to part ways the next day. Our last day in Kenya did not disappoint. We went to the trav… More

Kenya 2013 – Day 12

Day 12 was our last day at Africa Hope. We said goodbye to our new friends and then discovered we had to wait because our taxi wasn’t there yet. So we did what all Americans would do…we pulled out our cell phones and iPods. Obviously there was servic… More

Kenya 2013 – Day 10-11

After a full night’s rest and before heading out on our next adventure, we took time to do some debriefing as a team. As you can see I really enjoyed the desert climate. Nairobi was a little chilly!After our debrief it was time to pack our gear again a… More