Network Updates: University of Albany (NY)

A Year of Trust

“You don’t know what you are asking for”

That is a weird answer to prayer, but that was my answer back in May when I was…

Repent, for the Kingdom is near!

(This post is to give you a feel of what a retreat with Impact is like)   … Nov 6-8 2015…Retreat Weekend…Impact Christian Fellowship…At the base of Hunter Mountain in the Catskills…       On Friday, as 14 students and myself packed clothes into suitcases and suitcases in to cars and ourselves around the […] More

Why We are Excited About the Fall!

We hope you have had a wonderful summer, full of opportunities for rest, renewal, and recreation with family and friends. Our campus ministers across the country have spent their summer doing these things, but they have also been doing what … More

Where Were You Five Years Ago?

So?  For me, I was running my own house pressure washing business here in Latham, NY.  It was a pretty good job: working for myself, meeting nice people, and seeing the immediate payoff of hard work when the house was complete.  Overall, it wasn’t a bad place to be five years ago.      More […] More

Walking the Path

The second day of being in Israel, we explored more of what it meant to be in the desert. Let me attempt to set the environment: We wake up in our hotel, Isrotel,by the Dead Sea. It is around 8am. It is around 90 degrees. The morning shower was hot.  There wasn’t cold water. The […] More

Bema Trip 2014

How can I describe a trip that I pitched to people as an indescribable experience? I arrived back from Israel on July 30th after 20 days of travel, miles and miles of hikes, experiencing 100+ hours of teachings, having amazing joy, heat sickness, rocket threats, great friends, bad food (good food too), and a seemingly […] More


     Yesterday was our first meeting of the school year!  What at first meeting it was!  Our planned lesson spoke about giving to God what is God’s.  If Caesar’s belongings are his because his image is on it, then we are God’s because we are made in His image!  “Will you give yourself to […] More


This coming Wednesday is the first move in day for UAlbany!!! The Summer is almost officially over!!! Right now, across the region, state, country, and world, people are packing suitcases, boxes, minivans, and stomachs for what is going to be their first time at UAlbany! What will my roommate be like? What if classes are […] More

Multiplication of Workers!

God is good!  I spoke with a guy named Shaul, a volunteer that works with me at UAlbany, and he said that God was giving him the idea that whatever will happen this semester will be done by the STUDENTS, not by us.  We will be there to help and direct, but they will step […] More

12-12-12 Reading Day Baptism Party!

This past Wednesday at UAlbany, classes were suspended so everyone could study for finals starting the next day, it is what they call Reading Day.  BEST TIME TO CELEBRATE THE END OF THE YEAR!  Every Reading Day we host a party and this semester we had a student decided to follow Christ in Baptism! Where […] More