Launching on April 15th is Impact’s alumni association, Impact Current. If you were a member of one of Impact’s campus ministries while you were attending college, then we are interested in connecting with you!

Impact Current is not our online social network, that is only the tool we are using to build a network of like-minded people for service in God’s kingdom.

The purpose of Impact Current is to…impact-current

CONNECT (as a group of our CURRENT champions) our alumni together, using social media. Wherever you may be located, you can now connect with other alumni, current students, Impact staff, and other “friends” of Impact throughout the world. Look for old friends. Discover what Impact is doing near your city. Find out if there are alumni living in your hometown. The opportunities are many.

INSPIRE (with the energy of an electrical CURRENT) our alumni to serve God as a part of Impact’s growing community. Do you have an amazing story about how God has been at work in your life? We will give you an opportunity to share that story with others. You might be the inspiration someone needs to pursue their calling from God.

MOBILIZE (with the force of a river’s CURRENT) our alumni so that they can work alongside of Impact to pursue our vision to Impact the U. Impact the World. Impact wants our alumni to be involved in helping us initiate new ministries on university campuses across the USA. Impact also wants our alumni to make an impact on their world. Our hope is that we will work together to achieve incredible results for God’s kingdom as we keep our eyes focused on Jesus.

If you are one of Impact’s alumni (attended one of our campus ministries as a student), or one of Impact’s current students, we want you to be a part of Impact Current. Or, if you are a “friend” of Impact (a donor, a prayer partner, or a Champion of campus ministry that wants to promote Impact’s mission and vision), we have a special role for you as well in Impact Current. Contact us for an invite by sending an email to