A Word From the President

What a year 2017 was!
We set out in January to make our theme for the year “FORWARD.” If you’ve seen our annual report, then you already have an idea of what this has looked like. The big idea that we wanted to make steady progress in a forward direction, letting God determine the speed of movement and the distance covered. Personally, I didn’t think it seemed like we were moving all that fast, but looking back now – wow.
When I was first asked to serve in this role, the Board of Directors had given me five areas of focus for our organization. The Development Team has come to call these “the Big Five” and they serve as a gauge for me personally knowing how we are doing.
FUNDRAISING: How are we doing as an organization in creating financial sustainability? This has been a great area of slow growth. We have created some new systems, adjusted some old ones, and tried new things to raise more sustainable funds. We continue to learn and plan and really feel like we are slowly turning a corner in this regard. A big thanks to our administrative voices who help us here; Ellen Luke has been a rockstar as we have made those adjustments.
RECRUITING & EXPANSION: Are we finding more campus ministers for more college campuses? This is hard work; some of the hardest work we do! It takes a lot to prep the soil, plant the seeds, water the crops, demonstrate patience, and let God produce the growth. But we are seeing all kinds of movement with new recruits and great excitement about possible new locations (Boise, Cincinnati, California, Florida, and Texas – just to name a few). What will the harvest be from all of this farming? Time will tell, but Lowell Kosak has been incredible in this area.
PARTNERSHIPS: Who are we partnering with to make us/them better? Quite frankly, we are better with other people. It’s not the easiest approach to growth, but it might be the healthiest. We work hard to partner with other organizations like the Association of College Ministries (ACM) to help connect us to other organizations that help us learn, grow, and share what we have. Jeff VanderLaan is the champion of partnerships and his work makes us a better force for good in the world of campus ministry.
ORGANIZATIONAL VISION: Are we creating new resources that help us better understand and pursue the vision of ICM? This was the year where we began to pursue creating some of these resources. This is very life-giving to me personally and I love to create, teach, and inspire. We’re just getting started, but I’m excited to see the influence of prayed-over vision being communicated clearly.
ALUMNI: How are we making our alumni more connected and more mobilized? This is one of the areas that will be affected the most by our pursuit of organizational vision. Having said that, it is really exciting to watch God affirm many of our thoughts about this by bringing new people, partnerships, and recruits that share a common goal. I really can’t even imagine all of the things that God has already planned to do through efforts we haven’t even begun yet. Maybe some of those efforts will start in 2018…?
As always, we thank you all for your partnership with our ministry. Your financial investments, prayers, and encouragement enable us to become more and more of the organization that God desires us to be.

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